The Parks Foundation of Islip Town is an independent non-profit organization. Our mission is to assist with the improvement and enhancement of parks and other recreational facilities located within the Town of Islip for our residents and visitors, and to assist in funding those special projects that go beyond normal budget allocations. The Parks Foundation came together to work on special projects like Serenity Gardens which will serve residents who may not normally frequent public parks. It also provides the opportunity to make donations to other town wide facilities such as individual recreational facilities, parks, beaches, and marinas.



Serenity Gardens at Brookwood Hall is a first-of-its-kind park specifically designed for special needs groups, while at the same time, providing a soothing environment for all. While it is still a concept, we are well underway in our design and planning process for this proposed one-acre park within a park. Located on the grounds of Brookwood Hall Park in East Islip, Serenity Gardens will cater to people who are visually and/or hearing impaired, on the autism spectrum, or suffer from Alzheimer’s disease or dementia, and will still be inviting to seniors, veterans and the general public. Our vision begins with an enclosed park designed to provide a safe space for individuals with special needs. Wide walking paths surround the park and divide it into four areas anchored by a gazebo at its center. Each quadrant will be designed with a special needs group in mind, while encompassing features meant to heighten the senses. Amenities can include fragrant plants and flowers, a garden with a braille system, a walking labyrinth made of stones, sensory walking paths with mulch, tactile pads, rubber and gravel, wind chimes, and a sensory wall.

There will be ample parking close by with a vehicle drop-off area for easy access to the park. 

The restroom building will be family­friendly with single use handicap accessible bathrooms, and will include changing stations. 


If you’d like to make a donation to the project or contact us, please fill out the form below.

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